The Most Awkward Bunch You'll Ever See
Every year, Pinnacle Entertainment invites Team Members' families to the office for an afternoon Halloween Celebration and Trick or Treating adventure. In the first years decorating was subtle, but has now evolved into complete department themes that fill the day with excitement, discovered ingenuity, and loads of chocolate.

This particular year, the in-house Creative Studio chose 'Kreative Karnies' – a vintage Circus Carnival – for their department's challenge. 

Set the tone for guests that visit the Studio. 

Help the Creative Studio build decorations and features

Asset build:
- Logo Development
- Poster Development
- Type Applications
- Photo Enhancements
- Digital Illustrations
- Lighting Effects

The Creative Studio further built and fabricated other features throughout the space to finish the Circus Carnival theme. In the end, it was the Karnie costumes that defied all expectations for a grand experience that wowed the kids and impressed the adults.
Thank You
Coddy Adams, Rob Cajulis, Patricia Castelain, Jennifer Croteau, Jonathan Del Pozo, Kerry Garrett, Adrian Gonzalez, Pauline Hoover, Priscilla Mau, Lynn Mayes, Sarah McLean, Grace Park, Jennifer Rapalo, Lee Ritchie, Jasmine Secopito, Ginny Shanks, Storm Thornicroft, Sara Tomovska, Sarah Wagner, and all of Pinnacle Entertainment for the opportunity to collaborate with you. 

Karen Greene, an extra special thanks to you for your leadership and patience.

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